Rather than hand-pick some perfectly written, flowery testimonials that make us sound absolutely perfect, we would rather point you to several sites that list the good, the bad and the ugly.

The vast majority of our reviews & comments  are excellent, with a select few where we just couldn’t make people happy.  (In one case there was a heavy smell of gas around the furnace, but the buyer insisted on running the furnace himself even though we had already flagged it for followup…)

If you have questions, call us. We are happy to talk to people about what we do, and don’t do and why and what some of the limitations are caused by time (or lack there of) and money. Experts would often charge the same as we do for -just- their portion, we are generalists, and do triage.  It is rare for us not to call for at least one system to be looked at by the expert.

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