Should You Trust a Home Inspector Recommended by Your Realtor?

Realtor Recommended Home Inspector

A thorough home inspection is a necessary part of the home buying process. With all the possible inspectors for hire, how do you know that you are getting a good one?

Your realtor may be able to suggest an inspector or two that they have worked with in the past to help you get started. But should you just take their word for it?

An oversight in the inspection process could cost you later.

You want to make sure that whoever you hire is looking out for you and your investment. Below are some things to consider before hiring someone your realtor recommends, and why you may want to find an inspector yourself.

Do You Trust Your Realtor?

The realtor-buyer relationship should be one of trust. But when your realtor seems to be pushing for a specific home inspector, it should give you pause.

Your realtor gets a commission from the sale of a home. If they have a strong working relationship with an inspector, that person may feel an obligation to help that realtor get the sale.

While it is unlikely that the home inspector would do anything to risk losing their licensing, they could still end up minimizing issues to not jeopardize the sale. This way, the realtor gets their commission, and they continue to send business to the inspector. But you end up stuck with a fix that you would have otherwise turned away from.

As a rule, if your realtor is making recommendations, they should give you no fewer than three names to check into.

Realtors Have Experience

Your realtor has been through a lot of home sales and, therefore, inspections. They have likely come across many home inspectors, both good and bad. This could be a handy resource to help you weed through the listings.

Just remember, you should be given at least three solid recommendations. Ask your realtor why they recommend those inspectors. What determines a “good” inspector that makes it onto their suggested list?

Do Your Research

The most important thing you can do is some research, rather than just take the first name given to you and hire them.

Look up reviews for local inspection companies. Ask your neighbors who they used and what their experience was. Don’t forget the list from your realtor.

When you think you have found a few you are interested in, ask them questions about their services, experience, training, and professional affiliation.

Independent Home Inspector in Maryland

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