Thorough Pre-Purchase Home Inspections in Maryland

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Having a thorough, honest home inspector to provide you with a true accounting of the issues within your chosen home is essential to making an informed purchase.

You might find a cheaper home inspection out there, but you won’t find a better one. At Inspections by Bob, we take our time to look in every nook and cranny – under cabinets, in crawl spaces, and around windows – to ensure that you’re aware of any potential problems.

How Our Inspections Work

We begin each inspection by examining the exterior of the home. The foundation, siding, decks, and gutters are all checked, as is the general condition of the property. We check all penetrations into the home from vents, exhausts, and utility supplies, and we look for any gaps or holes that could allow water or vermin to enter. The surrounding property is inspected for proper drainage, grading, and the condition of any retaining walls. We also walk the roof if it is safe to do so.

Inside, we go from room to room inspecting every feature. We check receptacles, switches, fixtures, interior doors, railings, and stairs. In the bathrooms, we check the toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, and ventilation systems. We inspect the heating and cooling systems, the electrical system, and all installed appliances. Our inspectors look for any issues that are safety hazards, components that are not functioning properly, and systems and appliances that may be nearing the end of their lifespans. We document stains, moisture, or air leakage, along with signs of deferred maintenance and improper installation.

We take photos as we conduct the inspection and make notes regarding the home’s condition, and include many of them in our report, which is delivered as a PDF document within 24 hours.

Inspections by Bob encourages all clients to be present for the inspection, if possible. As we proceed through the home, we can point out the issues we see, or show you how to work features of the home that may be unfamiliar. We typically allow 1 hour per 1,000 square feet of home, so most of our inspections take a minimum of 2 hours start to finish.


After The Inspection

Once the inspection is complete, we go over our findings with you on-site, highlighting major concerns and answering any questions you may have. You will receive the electronic report, as well as a binder packed with safety brochures and informational flyers relevant to your inspection, arming you with everything you need to make an informed purchase.

Ready to Schedule Your Premier Home Inspection?

Trust the experienced home inspection professionals at Inspections by Bob to give you everything you need to know about the home you plan to buy. Contact us today to schedule your own thorough, honest inspection.

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