Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Pre-Listing Home Inspections in Central Maryland

Today’s housing market is incredibly competitive, meaning anything you can do so your listing stands out to buyers is going to put you ahead of the game.

Head off potential buyer objections with a thorough pre-listing home inspection from Inspections by Bob.

This inspection is conducted in the exact same manner as a buyer’s home inspection. However, this inspection allows you to discover any potential issues that need to be fixed, making the overall selling process less stressful with fewer last-minute expensive repairs.

Some real estate agents may discourage you from having a pre-listing home inspection because you will have to disclose any defects that are found.

We say: Those defects will be found eventually, so get the pre-listing home inspection so there are no surprises.

Data plate for 1995 air conditioner
This air conditioner is more than 20 years old, uses an obsolete refrigerant, and has very low efficiency. But it still works, so a seller would not be required to replace it. Disclose that it is old, and factor it into the sales price.

When you and a buyer enter into a contract, they are going to bring in their own home inspector. The report will reveal issues in the house that you may not have even realized were there, such as a foundation crack in a crawl space, or problems with the electrical system. At that point, the buyer may choose to walk away, and you will end up having to either repair or disclose the problems anyway.

Why not know what you’re up against before you even list your home?

A pre-listing home inspection report will give you the lowdown on defects that could potentially drive away a buyer. Then you can choose to fix them, or leave them be and adjust the listing price of your home accordingly. Your real estate agent will be able to advise you on the best way to proceed.

Some of the Things Our Thorough Pre-Listing Home Inspections in Maryland Include:

  • A full check of your home’s exterior, including foundation, gutters, decks, vents, and drainage.
  • Examination of the foundation and visible framing elements for signs of damage, deterioration, or poor installation.
  • Entering attics and crawl spaces, if safe, to identify problems such as moisture, poor ventilation, and bad insulation.
  • Room-by-room check of receptacles, switches, fixtures, fireplaces, railings, doors, windows and stairs.
  • Bathroom checks of toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, and ventilation systems.
  • System checks of heating and air conditioning systems, water heaters, and kitchen appliances.
  • A walk on the roof, if safe, to check for condition of the roofing and signs of damage. We also carry high-power binoculars and other tools to let us spot issues if walking the roof isn’t possible.
  • Photos and notes of all damage, disrepair, or other notable conditions.
  • A thorough inspection report with photographs documenting our findings, along with recommendations for actions to take.
  • A review of the findings, either at the house or via a video conference call, so we can go over the issues and conditions we identified so you fully understand their implications.


Save yourself time, money, and frustration during the home selling process. Schedule your pre-listing home inspection today!

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