Non-Traditional Home Inspections

Non-Traditional Home Inspections in Maryland

Home Inspections for Divorce, Estate Planning, & More in Central Maryland

Home inspections aren’t reserved for selling or purchasing a home.

If you are in a situation where you need to know the condition of your home, such as planning your estate or dividing assets during a divorce, a home inspector can be an essential part of this process.

What Are Some Non-Traditional Situations where a Home Inspector May Be Necessary?

Home inspections aren’t just for when a house is going to be bought or sold. Sometimes, other life changes require knowing where your home’s value stands. Possible scenarios for a non-traditional home inspection include:

  • Divorce
  • Estate planning
  • Financial planning
  • Estate sales

Home Inspections for Divorce

In cases where a divorcing couple owns a house or property together, having a handle on the condition of the property is essential to providing the courts with an accurate number for division of assets.

Items such as the condition and age of a furnace, whether the foundation is cracked, and what’s going on inside that basement wall can be overlooked while a couple lives there, but are important for determining the true value of a property.

Our independent inspectors look over the home, creating a report of all the good and bad parts, that often is used by appraisers or other professionals to determine the home’s value.

Home Inspections for Estate Planning

Having a solid handle on the value of your assets is important to drawing up a comprehensive estate plan.

If you don’t know how much your home is worth, how can you properly balance the split of assets you leave to your heirs?

Much like in a divorce home inspection, our independent inspectors look over your home and make a report. That report can then be used by an appraiser or other professional who can give you an estimated value on your home.

Home Inspections for Financial Planning

Knowing what repairs or replacements your home will need in the future helps you get a better idea of where your money needs to go.

If creating a financial plan to prepare yourself for retirement or another big financial milestone is on your to-do list, understanding any hurdles to reaching your goals has to be part of that process.

Our thorough inspectors check over your home, top to bottom, and give you a list of any repairs or replacements you can expect to need for your home. This list helps you prioritize home projects and build those costs into your plans.

Home Inspections for Estate Sales

It’s never easy to sell your loved one’s home after their passing. But if that home is in poor condition and you don’t know about it, an already emotionally difficult situation can become more stressful.

Bringing in a home inspector prior to listing gives everyone involved with the sale a better idea of the full condition of the home. With this information, you can make decisions on what repairs, if any, to make; whether to list the home “as-is”; and how to properly price the home for sale.

Experienced, Independent Home Inspectors in Central Maryland

At Inspections by Bob, we have years of experience providing home inspections for a variety of situations. Our thorough, knowledgeable inspectors give you the guidance you need – both during the inspection and in our comprehensive inspection reports – to make informed decisions no matter what life changes you’re facing.

Trust the experienced inspectors at Inspections by Bob to give you the information you need on your property – good and bad. Schedule your inspection today!

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