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Home Check-Ups and Maintenance Inspections

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Houses change over time and, just like people, need regular checkups.

Home check-ups, or maintenance inspections, are for people who are not moving, but want to find out what needs attention and how they might improve the efficiency, safety and comfort of their homes. It follows the same standards as our Premium Home inspection, including recommendations for maintenance and repair issues.

Our Maintenance Inspection Process:

We will go through each room of the home: every closet, every cabinet and home area, looking for indications or instances of things that could be issues or could become issues. Additionally we will inspect the floors, walls, windows, ceilings, hardware, fixtures, outlets and registers. The electrical panel, heating and cooling systems and plumbing systems of the home will be inspected and evaluated. If appropriate we may go into the attic and crawlspaces and walk the roof of the home. If the roof cannot be walked (not every roof can), we may use binoculars or a camera on a telescoping pole to inspect it. We will walk all the way around the exterior of the home and look at the exterior of windows and doors, gutters and grading. We may also take pictures of the home and any defects we find. At the end of the Home Check-up, you will receive a detailed report describing our observations about your home, along with relevant pictures printed onsite.

At the end of the Home Check-up, you will have a comprehensive report about your home, including a summary of his findings that can become your maintenance “to-do” list.

Home Check-ups are an investment in your home’s efficiency, safety and comfort.


How to Prepare for your Home Maintenance Inspection:

Before calling for a Home Check-up, there are a few things you need to do to prepare for the inspection.

Everything needs to be running and accessible.

  • We will go into every room and closet, so remove any obstacles blocking access.
  • We will need to be able to get to the electrical panel, the furnace(s), fireplaces, Water heaters, gas meters, and other such items. There needs to be enough room around them for us to inspect them and, if appropriate, open them for further inspection.
  • All doors (exterior and garage) should be unlocked and accessible.
  • Anything in the way of attic or crawl space access should be removed.
  • Any manuals or service records for systems should out and available.

A home check-up can take about an hour per 1,000 sq. ft. so a typical 2,500 sq. ft. home should take about 2½ hours to inspect. This will vary depending on the particular home, its age, components and how much stuff we have to work around. Also, allow an additional half hour or more for going over the report.

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