Water Quality Testing

Water Quality Testing

A typical water test for a real estate transaction only checks whether the water is “potable,” or free from bacteria, nitrates and nitrites. However, there are many more compounds that can contaminate a private water well; this chart from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a long list [PDF] of what can be found, along with the maximum levels.

We offer a comprehensive, in-depth water test far more complete than most. Most of our clients want to know more than just if the water was “potable.” Our test includes testing for more than 80 contaminants, including bacteria, lead, pH, sediment, benzene, toluene, vinyl chloride, and many more.

The samples we collect are sent to an out-of-state lab, so it can take a week for the results to be emailed (more if there are holidays). Some companies charge extra for testing for things like radon or lead in the water; these are included in our tests, along with a host more. It’s worth the wait.

Many septic system testing companies have “arrangements” with local water labs and can offer a simple test very quickly and bundle it in with their fees, but you won’t get all of the extras our report includes.

Printout of basic water test results
Our original basic water test

Printout of the new comprehensive water test results

Our new, expanded, comprehensive water test

A Difference You Can See

To the Left is the water test we used to provide. Yup, that’s it – one page.  It was a good, basic test. We could get a longer test similar to what we get now, but it would have taken a LOT longer (weeks) and cost a lot more (Over $1,000) so we decided to switch to a new testing lab, which would give our customers better, more complete information.

On the Right, our new comprehensive water test report: three pages of results, with more than ten times the contaminants tested for!


So What Does This Fancy Comprehensive Scan Cost?

The fee for our new Comprehensive Scan Water test is only $199 including Collection and USPS Priority shipping.  We can cut a day off by shipping overnight, but that adds significant costs.

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