Satellite Roof Reports Maryland

Satellite Roof Reports in Maryland

Know Your Roof – Get Accurate Replacement Estimates! 

If you are buying a new home, your goal should be to know as much as possible about the home that you are purchasing, as knowledge allows for preparation.  Maybe you have been informed that the roof is in moderate condition, and you are aware that it will need to be replaced within the next 5-10 years.  That’s important information, but what does it really mean? This is where our satellite roof reports come in!

Inspections by Bob offers standard and premium roof reports.  These reports arm you with the knowledge to contact roofing companies and request quotes from a variety of companies.  You’ll then know exactly what your future repair costs will be on the home and be able to calculate the long term cost of owning the home of your dreams. Not only this, but when repair or replacement time comes, you won’t be at the mercy of the tape measure – you will know EXACTLY how your roof is shaped thanks to satellite accuracy! Read on to learn more about our Standard and Premium roof reports:

Standard Satellite Roof Report

A standard report can provide a description of your roof (Size & Pitch) so that you can go shopping for a new roof.  For only $30, Inspections by Bob will prepare a QuickSquares Report that will show you how many “Squares” your roof is (this is what Roofers use to estimate). Know the size of your roof in roofing-speak!

Click here to see an example of a Standard Report: ResidentialMediumReport-Oct13

Premium Satellite Roof Report

A Premium report is available for the cost of $100 – certainly less than the savings that will result from the report! Included in the premium roof report:

  • 3D Roof Diagram
  • Aerial Images (Top, N, S, E & W)
  • Waste Calculation Table
  • Square Footage Pitch Table
  • Length Diagram
  • Notes Diagram
  • Report Summary
  • Area Diagram
  • Pitch Diagram
  • Customizable Report

Click here to see an example of a Premium Report: ResidentialMediumReport-Oct13

* Note: These reports do not include any pricing, only description (size, shape, pitch) of the roof so you can comparison shop. 

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