Oil Tank Testing

Above-Ground Residential Oil Tank Testing

Inspections by Bob offers above ground Oil tank testing in association with the TankSure® program from Boston Environmental.

If you are buying a home that has an above ground fuel oil storage tank you should have the tank inspected so that you will know the condition of the tank as part of your overall home inspection and be eligible for insurance discounts and a tank replacement warranty.

The TankSure® Program is a visual inspection and ultrasonic test of above ground residential fuel oil storage tanks. The test uses an EPA approved technology to determine the integrity of the tank. TankSure® Trained Service Providers conduct the test which only takes about fifteen minutes. The test is normally conducted during an annual tune-up of the heating system but Inspections by Bob can perform the test during your home inspection for a nominal additional charge.

The TankSure® Program is the only testing and inspection process for residential above ground oil tanks using an EPA approved technology. The ultrasonic process is non-invasive and can be conducted in about fifteen minutes. The TankSure® Program has been designed to offer homeowners with oil heat systems a proactive inspection, testing, and tank replacement process.

Insurance Industry Support

The TankSure® Program is endorsed by the Insurance Industry and in most states homeowners that have had the TankSure® test and inspection will receive discounts on their residential homeowner’s policies. Note: Some insurance companies will not insure a home with an uncertified oil tank and may insist on immediate replacement.

 Tank Replacement Warranty

Homeowners and homebuyers can receive a $500 proactive tank replacement warranty and documentation that can be valuable in real estate transactions.

Inspections by Bob can perform the Tanksure Inspection and provide a test certificate on qualifying tanks for $25.

(Test certificates will be emailed within a few days to allow for office paper work. )

For more on this program and details please visit their homepage at: TANKSURE

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