Neighborhood Environmental Report™

Neighborhood Environmental Report™

As a service to our customers, Inspections by Bob offers the Neighborhood Environmental Report™ by Environmental Data Resources Inc.

Developed exclusively for home buyers and sellers, the EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report™ identifies potential environmental risks such as leaking underground tanks, landfills and toxic waste sites on or near a property that may threaten a family’s health or the value of their investment. It is generated from the largest collection of local, state and federal hazard records in the U.S. by the country’s most trusted source of environmental risk information.

The EDR Report is delivered in an accurate, comprehensive, easy to understand summary and is available to home buyers, home sellers, and homeowners through Inspections by Bob for the discounted price of $75.

The Numbers

The most recent federal and state statistics have identified more than 75,000 hazardous waste sites throughout the United States.

Statistics show 551,368 identified leaking underground storage tanks and more than 1,000,000 specific locations at which discharges of hazardous substances have been reported.

What Might be Found

Contaminants from current or former industrial activity and landfills, or oil from leaking underground storage tanks can seep into soil and groundwater and cause problems for nearby homeowners.

Often, housing developments are built on land that was once used for other industrial or agricultural purposes. It’s important to take steps to avoid the risks associated with you, your children, and your pets breathing in dust and vapors as well as playing and digging in dirt that can hold contaminants for years.

Even beyond your own yard, there can be potential dangers –in nearby areas that once may have been used for military or industrial purposes and still hold toxins that may make it unsafe for children to play. Sometimes chemicals in the ground can travel through the soil as a vapor, contaminating indoor air.

Besides compromising your health, unchecked environmental hazards can drive down property values and stigmatize neighborhoods, especially if stories make headlines in the local news. In extreme cases, home buyers may even be responsible for the cleanup which can cost thousands of dollars.

Sample EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report (this opens a new window)

Additional information can be found on EDR’s website.

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