Montgomery County Maryland Radon Testing

Radon Testing in Montgomery County, Maryland

$199 High Quality Radon Test – No Hidden Fees

Home Inspector, Maintenance, Home Checkup, Radon Testing, Drywall Inspector- Frederick MDRadon is an invisible radioactive gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, responsible for 15,000 to 22,000 deaths each year (source). Unable to deny the health risk to its residents, Montgomery County, Maryland became the first local government in the U.S. to mandate testing for radon gas before a home can be sold. This requirement is now in full effect.

Due to increased requests, Inspections by Bob now offers both standalone radon testing for your home and Pre-Listing Inspections that include radon testing as a combined service (the recommended option). If you are a home seller, a radon test is important and you are required by the county to provide the results of the radon test to the buyer prior to sale.

Buying a home? We’ll be happy to validate the radon test, but the responsibility for procuring the test rests in the home seller’s hands.

Sellers: A radon test takes a minimum of 48 hours, so don’t wait!

What Does a Radon Inspection Cost?

$199 – No hidden fees or obligations. Just give us a call! 

BONUS! Pay only $180 by combining it with a Pre-Listing Inspection

Call Inspections by Bob today to schedule your Pre-Listing Inspection and save money compared to a standalone radon test! Read on to learn more about our Pre-Listing Home Inspections…

Why Should Have a Pre-Listing Inspection Performed?

A Pre-Listing Inspection will provide you with valuable information regarding the current state of your home BEFORE it arrives on the market. Here are a few reasons why sellers always benefit from a Pre-Listing Home Inspection:

  1. A Pre-Listing Inspection will Provide an Easier Negotiation Experience – You will arrive at the negotiation table fully understanding the condition of the home that you are selling. The deal will not be derailed during negation #2 – the post-inspection negotiation, because you took the initiative and fixed any needed repairs ahead of time. Which leads to….
  2. A Pre-Listing Inspection Allows you to Declare Issues Ahead of Time – If the inspection reveals a minor issue that you don’t want to fix, you are able to disclose it in your listing. When this happens, the buyer is aware of the issue before they request a showing. No surprises!
  3. A Pre-Listing Inspection Offers the Seller Peace of Mind During the Sales Process  – Have you peeked inside your furnace lately? Climbed on your roof? Tested your water heater? Most likely you haven’t. Picky buyers sometimes run away when they are given a list of repairs from their home inspector. Prevent this from happening by fixing these issues before selling.
  4. A Pre-Listing Inspection Will Save You Money! – This may be the most important factor of all. The cost of a Pre-Listing home inspection starts at $395. By discovering these surprises that a home inspector WILL find, you will be able to fix them on your schedule. You will have time to shop around stress-free, and find an affordable contractor that will get the job done for less than the desperation of an immediate repair required to save a contract.

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