Why You Need to Take Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Seriously!

Earlier this month, a tragic story appeared on the news: an Ohio  family of four, along with their three dogs, were killed by Carbon Monoxide poisoning: These deaths were preventable, if only the family had had a carbon monoxide detector installed. According to the police statement, there were no such detectors installed. The source of […]

The Importance of Getting a Closer Look

At a recent inspection, we came across an electrical service entry cable that didn’t look to be in very good shape. It was in a pretty inaccessible location, blocked by a big stand of shrubbery, so we took a picture of it. Looks like something nibbled on the insulation around the cable. This is a […]

Boring home inspections and why you want one

You may not realize it, but you really do want a boring home inspection. You hope we’ll find nothing broken, old, dirty, worn out, toxic, hazardous, with special needs, needing servicing, scary or otherwise noteworthy. That we will just document what is there, and show you where all the valves and shutoff are. Sorry to […]

Hidden Leaks: Home Inspectors Don’t Have X-Ray Vision

A few months ago our daughter bought her first home. She asked us to do a home inspection on it prior to writing her offer, and also had another inspector do the official inspection on it (to make sure there was no whiff of bias when presenting the report to the seller). There were a […]

Saturday Cartoon: Beware of Ghosts!

Got Ghosts? No, not the supernatural kind… Many houses with inadequate insulation and air/vapor barriers can fall victim to ghosts. This refers to the faint (or not-so-faint) dark lines and marks that can appear on interior walls, following the pattern of the wood studs. The cause is quite simple: thermal bridging. What is happening is […]

“I opened the cabinet and never expected to find this!”

One of the first things we do when we arrive at a house to do a home inspection is what we call the “overview.” We do a quick walk-around of the property, inside and out, to get an idea of the layout, and to find out where the major systems are, like the attic access […]

Never buy a winterized home

Would you buy a car with an empty gas tank and a dead battery? Probably not; you’d have no idea whether it was working properly or was even safe to drive. Buying a winterized house is just as bad an idea, only the risks are much higher and cost more to fix. Many bank-owned properties […]

One Inspection May Not Be Enough

So you’ve had your home inspection, and we found some issues that you have asked the seller to repair. How do you know they are done correctly? You need to get a re-inspection. We recently did an inspection on a townhome that had several problems that needed to be addressed. The first was a sprinkler […]