Why You Need to Take Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Seriously!

Earlier this month, a tragic story appeared on the news: an Ohio  family of four, along with their three dogs, were killed by Carbon Monoxide poisoning: These deaths were preventable, if only the family had had a carbon monoxide detector installed. According to the police statement, there were no such detectors installed. The source of […]

Everything You Need to Know About Water Damage

“Water damage” is a pretty vague term. It could range from an extremely serious health risk to a small issue in the corner of a room – but what exactly do you need to know about these problems? How can you tell if there is water damage present and what should you do to take […]

The Importance of Getting a Closer Look

At a recent inspection, we came across an electrical service entry cable that didn’t look to be in very good shape. It was in a pretty inaccessible location, blocked by a big stand of shrubbery, so we took a picture of it. Looks like something nibbled on the insulation around the cable. This is a […]

7 Essential Home Maintenance Projects to Schedule Today

As home inspectors, we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen the damage that failing to perform even simple routine maintenance tasks can do, often leading homeowners to unnecessarily expensive repairs or replacement. Here are 7 home maintenance projects to schedule today to save yourself from pricey repairs tomorrow: Drain the Sediment from Your Water Heater Over […]

It’s “snow” problem!

Maryland has gotten walloped with a historic snowstorm. At our house, we are in the process of trying to clear 28 inches or more of snow from an 800-foot-long driveway! Even so, houses are still being built, and bought, and need to be inspected. As soon as the roads are safe again, we will be […]

“I opened the cabinet and never expected to find this!”

One of the first things we do when we arrive at a house to do a home inspection is what we call the “overview.” We do a quick walk-around of the property, inside and out, to get an idea of the layout, and to find out where the major systems are, like the attic access […]

When was it required: GFCI and AFCI Code

The first National Electrical Code, or NEC, was published in 1897 as part of the National Fire Codes. What surprises many people is that this code is NOT a national law! Most jurisdictions adopt the most recent edition within a couple of years of its release, and sometimes modify or amend the code to add […]

Modern materials, modern fire hazards

One of the issues we try to emphasize during our home inspections is fire safety. We want to make sure a home is safe to live in, and that the occupants can get out quickly during a fire emergency. Bob is a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and in the association journal’s […]